crown [kroun]
[ME coroune < OFr corone < L corona, a garland, crown < Gr korōnē, curved object, wreath < IE base * (s)ker-, to turn, bend > L curvus, crux]
1. a garland or wreath worn on the head as a sign of honor, victory, etc.
2. a reward or honor given for merit; specif., the position or title of a champion in a sport
3. a circlet or headdress, often of gold and jewels, worn by a monarch as an emblem of sovereignty
4. [usually C-]
a) the position, power, or dominion of a monarch
b) the monarch as head of the state
c) the government of a nation having a monarch or of a constitutional monarchy: usually with the
5. anything serving to adorn or honor like a crown
6. the figure of a crown or a thing like a crown as in shape or position
a) a coin bearing the figure of a crown
b) a British coin equal to 25 (new) pence: no longer coined
c) any of various coins or monetary units whose name means crown: see KORUNA, KRONA, KRONE1
8. the top part of the skull or head
9. the top part of a hat
10. the summit or highest point, as of a mountain or arch
11. the highest quality, point of development, state, etc. of anything
a) the enamel-covered part of a tooth, projecting beyond the gum line: see TOOTH
b) an artificial substitute for this, usually of porcelain or gold
13. the lowest point of an anchor, between the arms
14. Bot.
a) CORONA (sense 7)
b) the point at or just below the surface of the ground where the stem and the root join, esp. in perennial herbs
c) the leafy head of a tree
a) to put a crown on the head of
b) to make (a person) a monarch; enthrone
2. to honor or reward as with a crown
3. to be at the top of; surmount
4. to be the crown, highest part, or chief ornament of
5. to complete successfully; put the finishing touch on
6. to cover (a tooth) with an artificial crown
7. Slang to hit on the head
8. Checkers to place a piece of the same color on (an opponent's piece that has crossed the board and reached the end row), thus making it a king

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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